High Performance Thermosetting Coatings

KCC coatings polymers include Urethanes (UR), Amine Adduct Epoxy (EP), Epoxies (EP), Epoxy Novolacs (EN), Elasti-Liner® (EL), Hybrid Polymers (SMR series), Polyesters (PC/PB) and Vinyl Esters, and Novolac Vinyl Esters (VE) as well as KCC's new Grafted Polymer Series (GP). Coatings polymer selection depends on the chemical environment and temperatures as well as the environment expected during field installation. In addition to the most extensive product line of coatings available anywhere, a host of supporting primers, bonding agents and repair mortars are all perfected and all are engineered to match the selected product for your application. All KCC coatings are suitable for both steel and concrete substrates, in splash & spill and full time immersion conditions.

All KCC Thermosetting coatings block molecular permeation. Many are flake-filled, others are sophisticated systems that use the polymer structure for maximum resistance to molecular permeation for maximizing performance and long life. As a result, many KCC Thermosetting coatings are also used in Flooring, Tank Lining and Secondary Containment applications and full time immersion in Tank, Trench and Sump Linings. KCC experts are capable of offering specific and unique solutions, developed just for your environment to fully meet your service requirements.

KCC Coatings find wide spread use in splash and spill as well as full time immersion, and are available to handle the widest array of customer needs. We have ESD (static dissipative) and conductive coatings and even special versions of standard products for special applications, example, AEP 20.2 as a special version for Skydrol resistance, a corrosive penetrating hydraulic fluid used in aircraft and aerospace. KCC has the ultimate solution for Skydrol.

Let KCC meet your specific and demanding requirements with the most cost effective solution.

COATINGS - High Performance Thermosetting, Flake Filled Coatings & Linings