Elasti-Liner® Joint & Cove

Elasti-Liner® Joint & Cove - the answers to problems that have plagued everyone and until now, nothing has worked, regardless of how much was spent on the solution. Now preformed joint and cove tapes formed from the highly regarded and award wining Elasti-Liner® polymer eliminate problems of leaking joints and costly man hours to form polymer coves that crack and require maintenance. Simply apply Elasti-Liner® Joint & Cove Adhesive over the joint or onto the cove area, apply the tape, roll out the joint and you are done. The investment is in the polymer, not labor intensive effort by field hands.

Elasti-Liner® Cove is the most chemical resistant flooring cove material ever developed. In addition, Elasti-Liner® Cove will resist all cracking as it has flexibility necessary to expand and contract with the flooring and wall system - regardless of temperature. This KCC Patented technology provides a unique polymer solution to labor intensive field made coves that do not have the chemical or crack-resistance that is inherently in the Elasti-Liner® Cove polymer.

Elasti-Liner® Joint, made of the very same polymer as Elasti-Liner® Cove now eliminates the problems associated with flooring joints that industry has been unsuccessfully fighting forever. Now say good bye to expensive and exotic joint sealants that never work and also say good bye to polymer overlays with fiber-glass that work about half the time, are labor intensive and area constant source of maintenance.

Elasti-Liner® Joint and Cove along with KCC high performance flooring materials will solve your flooring problems, lower your maintenance costs and keep your floors looking and performing good.

KCC is the only company with the total flooring solution.