Polymer Flooring Systems

KCC technology excels through our products, but no product line shows our capabilities better than our Flooring systems. KCC polymer flooring configurations include Urethanes (UR & QuickTred), Amine Adduct Epoxy (EP), Epoxies (EP), Epoxy Novolacs (EN), Elasti-Liner® (EL) Hybrid Polymers (SMR series), Polyesters (PC/PB) and Vinyl Esters & Novolac Vinyl Esters (VE). Flooring polymer selection depends on the chemical environment and temperatures as well as the environment expected during field installation. In addition, a host of supporting primers, bonding agents and repair mortars are all perfected and all are engineered to match the selected product for your application.

Further considerations for engineering your floor system are degree of abuse, type of traffic from foot to large pallet trucks or 18 wheel over the road haulers, crack-bridging, and abrasion resistance. KCC has superior technology in slip, stain and mar resistance as well. Imagine a floor system that enables water clean up of a 98% Sulfuric Acid stains and other even tougher chemicals (SMR 20) KCC has flooring systems to match any requirement you may have.

KCC has also solved two of the toughest problems that have compromised the best of flooring applications - the joint in a floor and the cove around the floor to wall joint. The only solutions to these problems have been largely unsuccessful with a short life and very high cost due to the cost and poor productivity of field labor in dealing with these critical areas.

Problem solved by KCC with the development, and patent of the award wining solutions called Elasti-Liner® Joint and Elasti-Liner® Cove. Both use the highly regarded, award wining Elasti- Liner® polymer that has had unmatched success in secondary containment applications in the 11 years since product introduction. Elasti-Liner® polymer bridges moving cracks in concrete and handles all the tough chemicals like 98% Sulfuric Acid, 50% HF, 70% Nitric Acid to name a few bad actors that "so called" competitive products simply cannot cope with. There has not been a single product developed in the past 11 years that can compete with the high performance of the Elasti-Liner® polymers.

Elasti-Liner® Joint & Cove are a preformed tape, cured and ready to place over the expansion or isolation joint, and at the floor to wall joint Cove. Joint and Cove tapes simply unroll over the target joint, and are applied immediately after Elasti-Liner® Joint Adhesive is applied. This patented adhesive from KCC technology allows the Joint and Cove tapes to flex and move with the joint or cove they are placed on, yet this adhesive has the same chemical resistance as the Elasti-Liner® polymer tapes - amazing yes, tough problem solved - yes again. See Sealants, Joint & Cove Overlays.

KCC has developed many unique flooring systems for Life Sciences industries, including SMR 20 and SMR 20.2 flooring that leads the way in high performance chemical, stain and mar resistance to organic and inorganic acids, Sulfuric Acid 98%, Glacial Acetic Acid, caustics and the toughest solvents that are used in the Pharmaceutical industry. Solvents like Tetrahydrofuran, Dimethylformamide, Ethyl Acetate and Methylene Chloride, as well as all commissioning and sterilization chemicals commonly found in Life Sciences facilities. SMR series can also be provided in ESD (Static Dissipative) or fully Conductive in colors of your choice. KCC's unique ESD and Conductive floors capabilities do not drift in Dissipative or Conductive capabilities over time.

KCC has floor systems for resistance to thermal shock, high loads and temperatures as well as crack-bridging capabilities of fast curing Urethane in Trowel or Slurry versions as well as VE 250 for handling full strength inorganic and organic acids, thermal shock, and bridging cracks in concrete, with heavy loads and fork lift traffic.

KCC is the total Flooring system company with all of the answers. We have good looking decorative floors, color quartz & terrazzo look floors with spectacular looking clear coats that remain clear and also handle tough chemicals including all commissioning and sterilization chemicals. Application methods are roller or spray applied, self-leveling, broadcast, trowel applied and slurry type. Floors are available reinforced or non-reinforced.

KCC will work with you the way you choose; 1.) providing all materials, 2.) adding full time quality control or 3.) Turn-Key Installation with full responsibility for performance and on time start up by KCC. You choose, KCC performs.

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