High Strength Machine & Pump Foundation Grouts

KCC Optimum Grouts are the strongest in the industry and are available in the following KCC polymer configurations including; Epoxies (EP), Epoxy Novolacs (EN), Vinyl Esters & Novolac Vinyl Esters (VE). Grout polymer selection depends on the chemical environment and temperatures as well as the environment expected during field installation. In addition, a host of supporting primers, bonding agents and repair mortars are all perfected and all are engineered to match the selected product for your application.

The KCC Optimum Grout flagship product is the word's strongest epoxy grout, GT 5000, which has the highest retained strength at elevated temperature of any epoxy grout. GT 5000 also flows better and has superior bearing area and will not crush when pulling down on the anchor bolts, as evidenced by lack of reading on a dial indicator. GT 5000 also has the mildest exotherm of any high performance epoxy grout and the very best creep resistance.

Keep in mind when comparing KCC grout physicals, that KCC publishes only the lowest or minimum physical values from our extensive testing, while others report statistical norms or mid range physicals. We simply do not know how an engineer designs to anything but the minimum physical value a product has. But it does not end there, our competitors will also look for standards to make their weak performance look better. No gimmicks, only rock solid day in and day out uniform performance - that KCC Optimum Grouts. Check out the GT 5000 comparison to other grouts.

When maintaining engine alignment on critical rotating equipment is important to you, and it always is, GT 5000 is the best you can buy.

KCC Optimum Grouts support Reciprocating Gas Compressors, Hypercompressors, Brakes and hears, Pumps large and small as well as many other critical applications found in Chemical, Petrochemical, Refining and Offshore applications.

GROUTS - High Strength Machine & Pump Foundation Grouts