• Advanced Thermoplastic Coatings - KCC Thermocoat has pioneered field application of advanced flame and molten spray thermoplastic materials for application to new steel & concrete and over existing old coatings. Thermocoat materials are clearly superior. We have developed new flame spray equipment with high output performance approaching that of airless equipment.
  • Thermosetting Coatings - Thermosetting epoxies, novolacs, vinyl esters, novolac vinyl esters & polyester and our new GP - Grafted Polymer series are all available in thin and thick film coatings to meet all requirements for concrete and steel protection.
  • Monolithic Tank Linings - Monolithic Tank Linings of epoxies, novolacs, vinyl esters, novolac vinyl esters & polyester and the new GP - Grafted Polymer series tank linings for every purpose up to 260°F, (126.6°C).
  • Flooring Systems - Monolithic floors of every type of polymer in broadcast, self-leveling, reinforced, troweled, color quartz, ESD systems, Stain & Mar resistant systems, impact and abrasion resistant and crack-bridging capabilities for applications that are Industrial, Decorative or Commerical. New Crystal Clear Topcoats for Clean Room floors are among the latest in KCC developments.
  • High Strength Machinery Foundation Grouts - Industries leading solutions for support of critical rotating equipment including the world's strongest epoxy grout, GT 5000. Chemical resistant grouts for every type of pump and injection/repair grouts that cure in presence of moisture and oil.
  • Concrete Restoration Systems - Concrete renovation materials of epoxy, epoxy novolac, vinyl ester and novolac vinyl ester and cement for filling holes, smoothing surfaces, pouring new areas and structural equipment and column support. Primers that are moisture insensitive, bonding in the presence of oil and water are among a few of our Concrete Renovation techologies.
  • Joint Sealants & Overlays/Cove Overlays - Joint Sealants include Urethane and Fluorelastomers in self-leveling and non-sag versions. Joint / Cove Overlays are pre-formed, cured tape of Elasti-Liner® polymer for use over joints or as a cove on a floor to wall juncture, providing a secure, leak proof seal over all expansion, control or isolation joints. Pre-formed Joint and Cove overlays are bonded to the surface with patented high performance Elasti-Liner® Adhesive for maximum adhesion and chemical resistance.
  • Crack-Bridging Containment Linings - Unequaled performance in crack-bridging and chemical resistance is yours with Elasti-Liner® I or Elasti-Liner® II. Nothing else comes close for containment linings. All Elasti-Liner polymers meet or exceed EPA VOC regulations effective January 1, 2005. New 100% Solids Elasti-Liner polymers are on the way!