Before and after view of large Midwest Chemical plant. Elasti-liner® was applied directly over the existing cracked containment lining, which eliminated the expense of removing the old lining.

Secondary Containment Linings

KCC containment linings are available in all of the following KCC polymer flooring configurations include Amine Adduct Epoxy (EP), Epoxies (EP), Epoxy Novolacs (EN), Elasti-Liner® (EL) Hybrid Polymers (ACS), Polyesters (PC/PB) and Vinyl Esters & Novolac Vinyl Esters (VE). The final selection of the correct containment lining to meet your needs depends on the chemical environment and temperatures as well as the environment expected during field installation. In addition, a host of supporting primers, bonding agents and repair mortars are all perfected and all are engineered to match the selected product for your application.

When discussing containment linings there are two KCC products that stand above all others in their overwhelming capabilities, Elasti-Liner® I & Elasti-Liner® II. These ground breaking products have set new standards in performance and have won the Vaaler industry awards "Judged as major contributors toward more efficient and effective operations of plants in the chemical processing industries" No other polymer coatings have ever won such recognition, and Elasti-Liner® technology has won the award twice, first in 1995 and again in 1997.

Click to view a demonstration of Elasti-Liner ® in action.

Advantages of Elasti-Liner® are numerous and materially significant to your successful plant operations and they include:

  • Unequaled Chemical Resistance: Glacial Acetic, 50% Chromic, 50% HF, 70% Nitric, 85% Phosphoric, 98% Sulfuric,20% Sodium Hypochlorite Bleach
  • Unsurpassed Crack-Bridging: 40 mils (1016 microns) of Elasti-Liner® bridges moving concrete cracks 1/8 " (3.2mm) wide.
  • Unmatched Resistance to UV Light & Weather: Exceptional resistance to both UV and Weather.
  • Fire Retardant: Elasti-Liner® polymer is self-extinguishing when source of flame is removed.
  • Unparalleled Resistance to Foot Traffic: Tough and abrasion resistant, withstanding foot traffic and impacts.
  • Top to Bottom Uniformity: Elasti-Liner® has top to bottom uniformity, and does have layers of dissimilar materials.
  • Unprecedented Temperature Resistance: Withstands the widest range from ambient to high temperature spills.
  • No-Joint Construction: Applied directly over old cracks, moving or not and even over expansion joints.

CONTAINMENT LININGS - Elasti-Liner Crack- Bridging Containment Linings