Thermoplastic Coatings

Welcome to the exciting world of field applied advanced thermoplastic coatings, where higher performance and far longer life cycle are just a few of the numerous advantages to the end user purchaser of KCC Thermocoat™ coatings.

KCC Thermocoat has pioneered, developed and patented thermal primers, proprietary polymer basecoats, the technology that enables field application of thermoplastics and high performance flame spray application equipment.

Tried in the past, with failing results, thermoplastic coatings required the substrate temperature to equal the melt index of the thermoplastic coating, that is until KCC developed the technology to allow flame or molten spray application to steel and concrete with ambient cold temperatures from 30°F (-1°C) to very warm ambient temperatures to 120°F (48.9°C) and even higher, (Please note that the warm ambient temperature stated has nothing whatsoever to do with the flame or molten spray application of thermoplastics, we are stating minimum and maximum ambient weather condition ranges for thermoplastic application).

Applied by KCC developed and patented, sophisticated flame and molten spray equipment, KCC thermoplastic powder coatings are highly cost effective competing with far less capable coatings and paints for protection of structural steel and concrete structures and as tank linings in full time immersion. Our advanced thermoplastics have a superior life, zero VOC's and all of these additional advantages:

Beat paints in life cycle cost analysis
Easily and simply repaired
Superior chemical resistance
Thermal coatings are free of pinholes and defects

Virtually instant cure in any weather
Abuse and abrasion resistant
Lower cost installation, shorter elapsed schedule
Unlimited shelf life
Eliminate expensive clean up

It all spells BEST VALUE from KCC Thermocoat™ advanced thermoplastic technologies, now available in five incredible systems:

Thermocoat 3100 CL —  Designed for steel substrates, as a high performance coating for splash & spill or in full time immersion as a tank lining.

Thermocoat 3100 LSE — A modification of the 3100 system, incorporating a unique LSE (low surface energy) topcoat ideally suited for automotive carrier coating and other non-stick applications.

Thermocoat 3300 — Designed for application over old, tightly bonded paints & coatings, without typical surface preparation. Includes surface wash, patented base coat and Thermocoat 3300 high performance topcoat.

Thermocoat 3600 — Designed for application on new or old concrete. Typical surface preparation for concrete is required for cleaning and laitance removal, followed by Thermoprime C thermal bonding agent for concrete, acting both as a sealer and filler, followed by Thermocoat 3600 high performance topcoat.

Thermocoat 5300 —  Designed for severe chemical environments, including full time immersion at temperatures ranging to 275° F (135° C). Offers superior molecular permeation resistance coupled with our new Thermal Nanocomposite Primer. Abrasion resistance can be tailored to meet user needs. Applications include exterior coating under insulation, tank, vessel and reactor linings, trench and sump lining. Superior chemical resistance in caustics, inorganic or organic acids and numerous solvents.

Thermocoat 3100CL, 3300, 3600 and 5300 are products that set new and higher standards in resisting molecular water permeation, in resisting corrosion from the toughest organic and inorganic acids, caustics and numerous solvents. Ask KCC about the benchmark performance capabilties of the Thermocoat thermoplastics.

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